• 0031

    All the story began with a BC342

    It was in 1972 or 1973. We still were at school, my brother and me.
    For christmas we had a wonderfull present: a BC342 receiver.
    I remember all the voices. It was magic in our bedroom with a long wire outside, in the garden.
    I still have this receiver in the shack.

  • 003

    Collins ART13

    Our first Collins Radio. A nice and heavy Transmitter....

  • 003

    HeathKit HR10B

    We are definitivly in HamRadio community.
    SWL FE2705 with an Heathkit HR10B

    Not so good on 21 and 28Mhz...

  • 003


    Radio and Electronic are going on !
    It was in 1974

    We built lot of things for radio.
    In few monthes, we hope to build a SSB transmiter...

  • 003

    I get my CALL


    It is time to go on air.
    Contest, 28Mhz, 10xClub,...

    TO6HOY in 1983

  • 003

    Elecraft K2

    A wonderfull experience

    Lovely hours,

    Very nice transceiver on the air

  • 003

    TR4C Drake Line

    New approach with tubes

    TR4C, RV4 and MN2000

    Drake, my Jaguar with his 250w

  • 003

    Collins KWM2

    The ultimate

    KWM2 Line

    Collins, my Rolls

  • 003

    The Shack

    Small in 1985

    Very large in 2007

    Minimal in 2014

    Always for pleasure

  • 003


    Dreaming wave...

    Magic HamRadio

  • 003


    Infinite Radio with morse